Our Products

  • Fosravuconazole CAS - No 351227-64-0
  • Isavuconazole - CAS No 241479-67-4
  • Fingolimod - CAS No 162359-56-0

Allastir is committed to

  • Ensure the quality of the product throughout development
  • Maintain High Quality of the products with consistency
  • Develop and upgrade the knowledge of each employee with scheduled training
  • The safety of employees and environment is topmost priority

About Us

  • Incepted and R&D activities started on 2010
  • State of the Art facility with R&D & Analytical lab located in Chennai-India
  • Specialised in Developing and Manufacturing Niche Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Exhibited 100% year over year (YOY) growth consistently from inception
  • Striving to develop long and cardinal relationship with our clients by extending quality service
  • GMP & ISO certified company

Vision & Mission

We are poised to enter the regulatory market as an ingredient and formulation manufacture


Our Vision is to be one of the leading health care company in the world


To be the leader in developing innovative niche molecule to the health care industry for the betterment of human life.

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